Wedding planning advice during a pandemic – KYTV

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Planning to tie the knot while the world is tied up in the pandemic isn’t easy but with some quick tips, you can at least make sure you’re protecting your wallet.

Move your wedding to 2021 or 2022

If you were planning to get married this year consider postponing until next year. A lot of local venues have great deals for 2021 and 2022 if you lock those down now you could save money!

Set up a back-up plan

Set up a backup date for your backup date! Pick a date you’d like to have your wedding– then pick another one just in case it doesn’t work out. Talk to your wedding venue about putting those dates in your contract.

Ask vendors and venues for COVID clauses in your contract

When it comes to vendor contracts push for a COVID clause. Be specific, like a certain point of positivity rate in the area to be able to move the date 60 to 90 days out without penalties.

Ask the right questions

No matter what, make sure you are asking your vendors and venue this question.

“Talk with your vendors about if you do a cancellation will you get some of your deposit back or will you be required to pay the full amount,” Samantha Mathews, Owner of Mathews Weddings and events says. “Will they be willing to reschedule with you if they have a date available?”

Consider getting a wedding planner

Consider a wedding planner even if it’s a small wedding. They can often save you at least their fee and will at least take some of the burdens off you so you can simply enjoy your big day.

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