Mit4Mit: How to plan a wedding during coronavirus in Israel – The Jerusalem Post

Weddings are generally a complicated business to organize, and all the more so in the coronavirus era.
That’s what Oved Yosef realized before creating “Mit4Mit,” a dedicated venture to help brides and grooms organize their wedding during the coronavirus pandemic. 
‘Mit4Mit’ is a personal digital interface that adapts itself to the needs of customers while helping suppliers reach relevant target audiences in accordance with their areas of interest, such as music, venue, photographer, make up, etc.
Among all the hardships and difficulties wedding planning is now facing, the new venture Mit4Mit – getting married (mit-hatnim) for getting married – is the leading social site in Israel in the field of weddings, according to VAYO reviews.
“The corona period has changed the world of weddings beyond recognition and has brought far-reaching changes,” said Yosef, Mit4Mit CEO. 
“In the last few months, we have studied the market in its current format and our goal is to enable couples and small businesses, which are making a living from the industry, to survive and get through this period in peace.”
As part of the project, a wide range of services and options are available on the website of the new wedding business:
– Connection between couples and suppliers, using technological tools.
– Coverage of trends, tips for small and safe weddings, tailored content (guides, benefits and discounts, relevant opinions) according to the current stage of the wedding to organize.
– A free application to manage the wedding process and start with a built-in, personally tailorable task list.
– Help in building a guest list, sending a health statement, managing the wedding budget, designing and sending a digital invitation, arrival confirmations, arranging tables to the greetings and documenting the gifts the couple received.
“Our platform allows the bride and groom and the supplier community to avoid damages and hold the event on the safest and best side,” Yosef concluded.